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**WARNING - BAD, ANGSTY POETRY** every day is a struggle i get out of bed, get ready and go give my best friend a snuggle to let her know she's a pillar for me of importance so grand i'd break down any second without her hand for every word i speak and every breath i take it feels like i'll suffocate they joke with me and i laugh a ton they'll never know how much i hate the way they'll joke around about how i'm silly the way i'm left out at every date because all it does is fuel the hate of myself to myself i am my biggest bully my arch nemesis "but honey no one cares they don't like you either they don't want you here whats the point of trying to cheer everyone up when in reality they'd be happier if you'd just not be here" i wish i could stay in bed and just sleep forever i hate myself i hate my guts no one likes me either they're all liars it's because it's funny to pretend to care when i try an outfit they all snicker and stare "you're ugly no style at least it makes them smile?" my friends don't care i don't either why bother i'm replacable incapable unloveable vulnerable why do i have to go places i'll just ruin the mood so i'll shut myself in my room i'll sit and eat and cry this is enough for me because at the very least it is fact that i can trust me

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  • I didn't read way to long. 👎🏻

  • you are hanging out too often with the wrong people, and you let them effect you too much.

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