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Earlier today my mom and my older sister was talking about boys, they were saying about how they used to date many boys but it's all just for fun like only went on some dates and that's all. They ask me when will I introduce my boyfriend and I just said no boy got my interest yet. Secretly I was contemplating the whole time if it's ok to tell them that I actually never have any date cause I just somehow can't go out alone with any boy. I'm ok with hanging out with boys in a group... but if it's only 2 of us even if it's my bestfriends I got so nervous and feel uneasy I wanna go home right away. Actually I got many date offers but dunno somehow I feel like so uneasy as if I'm doing a sin when I go out with a guy alone

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  • I couldnt be alone with a girl, just the two of us. I started with some female friends going aout together and little by little i made it. It takes time and little patience at first

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