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My male friends and I were discussing an article about a woman in her mid 20s. Has had well over 100 partners since being a teenager. Most of them one night stands from clubs. Eventually had 1 kid. She is mystified as to why men back off as soon as they know her high score, even when she lies to bring it down. One of the guys asked, "Do women know why? No one would ever tell them because it would hurt their feelings." Then we decided someone has to ask. I thought this app is perfect for that. Well ladies? Do you know some reasons as to why this is a red flag to most men?

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  • For one, big risk of stds. Women may not show signs of some stds but they can still spread it. Unless she's getting tested every few months, I'd worry about it. And two, if the guy wants a relationship he might think she wont be satisfied with just him.

  • With every new partner your chance of having an STI goes up. Statistically at 100, you already have ghonnoshyphilherpellease and Cancer-AIDS. Plus nobody wants to raise somebody else's bastard kid

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