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At the beginning of November I was shopping before I went on a date with my now ex boyfriend. I saw this guy, a really good looking one, our eyes locked and I thought, well fuck this. I noticed he had a child with him yet he decided to casually cross my way multiple times in the store. as I was checking out he checked out too I was looking over to him and he was at me. I thought let's give him a chance to talk to me so I stopped at the bakery while he put his son in this Truck to play. I took my time, he started texting someone I think and as I passed him he almost forgot his kid in the cart thing. I just remembered that and thought I'd anonymously post on Spotted an ad. maybe I'll hear something from him. maybe not but no-one can say I didn't try.

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  • Hope you can find this guy and have something betweenen you two!

  • It was my nephew not my son 😉

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