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(Read this if you struggle with your own looks and think you are not pretty.) As an artist, I know quite a lot about beauty. I draw people in comic style, which means that I have to exaggerate every unique detail of a persons face to make them recognizable. Sometimes, the people I draw are surprised about what makes their face unique, because they thought it was something else. And sometimes people ask me to re-draw their portrait, telling me I should leave out this one detail - because they think it's ugly. But it's not! I am so often amazed by some 'flaws' people have, because they make them so special and interesting to look at. I noticed that it's hardest to draw people which are considered beautiful, because they often have nothing that makes them special, so it's boring to look at their portraits.

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  • Could you draw me, if I sent you a picture? Your post made me really curious

  • A beauty is a beauty, yet, what make a person standout it's their uniqueness. What you say is so true.

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