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I don't wanna go to school anymore bc I'm just too lazy to study.. I don't know why.. I just don't want to learn about things I'll never use in life again.. I wanna learn about things I like, not things like maths, chemistry and such crap.. I'm well educated enough and I don't have long till I'm finish, but my motivation is completely gone. I don't want all that pressure, stress and people forcing me to do things I don't want to. But I know that I can't just drop out because if I did, I wouldn't have a bright future. I don't wanna see my teachers ever again (I hate most of them) and I don't wanna touch my books ever again.. I wish I could just burn them. This school system sucks. Nowadays we are forced to go to school, otherwise we end up broke and homeless. This sucks.

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  • You're right when you say you shouldn't drop out. I was like you. I hated school for the same reason PLUS some more - I was not only bored amd annoyed, but hella afraid of school. I cried almost every morning before going there. But I finished it. Let me tell you, since I finished it a few months ago, I am the happiest person. Only because I finished school I can now study about something I love (psychology), and it is awesome. You really have to remember that you cannot fuck up your whole life just because you don't want to spend a few years like that.

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