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I am so sick of pro life hospitals. For the past 3 months I've suffered the pain of an ovarian cyst the size of one of those Cuties oranges. I can barely even walk. A hospital out of town stated that I'm eligible to have my ovaries removed but this fine pro life hospital is denying my right to do so because "I might want kids." First of all, I'm a lesbian, so that means money going to down the drain. Second, I don't even want kids. Not in my entire life. And this hospital is denying my rights to my body because "I might want kids." I'm a woman so I'm instantly obligated to be a vessel for a baby. This is possibly a life changing surgery that could save me years of pain. Even if I wanted kids, it would be hard to conceive with a huge mass on my ovaries. Like, they don't even care how this could benefit me, they care about a kid that's never going to be made in the first place. Jesus christ, I'm only 20, I don't need this much pain just because some stupid pro life hospital wants me to contribute to over population. This is BULLSHIT!!!

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  • You might be able to sue them, depending on where you live. Check the laws for your area and see if anything can be done.

  • Not to mention people with PCOS rarely ever keep their pregnancies full-term

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