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Help! Marijuana growers! I germinated a seed for 2 weeks. The 2 and half week the seed was light green and I was told it can still mature germinating it will just take longer. It turned brown then the roots grew rapidly about 2 almost 3 inches. The tip of the root was yellow when I open today and the part where the seed was the roots yellow too the middle was still white, right away I knew it's starting to not give enough nutrient for itself. I was waiting for my coco coir to come in the mail that's why I delayed planting hoping the seed won't drown before it get here. I picked it up the paper towel and it ripped the seed off the root. The cotyledon hasn't even formed I put the broken root back into the shell with liquidy premature cotyledon in it hoping it will heal itself. Do u all think it will?

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  • Probably not. Next time you can just buy pre-mixed potting soil at any garden center. Weed grows in pretty much anything if you keep the moisture right

  • I hope that plant dies. before it grows and you consume it to kill your brain

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