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I believe that noone is responsible for who they are. Noone decides to be lazy or aggressive or dumb. It just happens, determined by your genetic code and by how you are raised. As a consequence, I think you shouldn't judge people for their negative traits, but be sorry for them. And I think it is dumb and pointless to expect people to change. If they can, then it's in their character that they can, but someone who can't JUST CAN'T. Yes, I believe that some people cannot change their bad traits and therefore shouldn't be judged too hard. Of course I will avoid any aggressive person, and hate anyone who is not nice, but I know that, most of the time, the person who suffers most is them and therefore I feel sorry.

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  • This is pathetic. Genetics does not make you lazy. You make you lazy. People can change if they want to (with the rare exception of mental disorders, in which case steps can still be taken). Shut the fuck up with this defeatist, excuse-making attitude. This whole generation does nothing but make excuses and give people ass pats for being lazy sacks of mean shit

  • This is quite retarded.

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