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I am bullied at work constantly by a nursing aide, I am a new nurse, obviously she has more experience than me. She won't stop saying how stupid I am, etc. She won't stop picking on me. I don't know what to do, I can't fight back since I am on evaluation, I can't fight back because it will affect my evaluation. Everytime she sees me, she finds a way to irritate me. What should I do? I even thought of jumping on our hospital stairs, and I know that was stupid so I am still here.

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  • Look what is most Important is get your job done, do them flawlessly, She may pick on you, but others also have their own judgement, so as long as your job responsibility is done, nothing much of this senior nurse can do. Stay Professional, good luck.

  • Doesn't matter what she has on you. Don't let yourself be bullied by some bitch. Tell her she's pathetic.

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