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Talking with my mom is impossible. Sometimes I think there is something seriously mentally wrong with her. I mean this is how my conversation went with her this morning, word for word: “Mom, I can’t go to school today I’m still throwing up.” “You have to go to school, you already missed two days.” “I know but I’m still sick and I don’t want to puke at school again. “You don’t have to puke in school.” “Mom, I can’t just not throw up if I feel like I’m going to throw up.” “You don’t have to puke in school.” “So I can stay home then?” “No, I’m saying you have to go to school, but you don’t have to puke in school.” “I don’t understand.” “You. Don’t. Have. To. Puke. In. School.” “How can I just NOT puke in school? Have you never thrown up before? It’s uncontrollable!” “Fine then! You want me to take you to the doctor?!” “No, I’m just saying-” “Going to the doctor is useless! What are they gonna do? Poke your stomach around, check your heart, and then tell you to just drink more water?” “You don’t have to take me to the doctor.” “Going to the doctor is just a waste of money, you’re fine!” “I said you don’t have to take me to the doctor.” “They’re not do anything to make you stop throwing up, they’re not gonna do anything. I shouldn’t even take you to the doctor.” “Mom, are you even listening to me? I said you DON’T have to take me to the doctor And then she just kept talking about how useless doctors are and basically was ignoring everything I said to her. And then I just lost it. I know I shouldn’t have, but I just screamed at her to shut up. It’s like she doesn’t even hear me, or more like she hears things that I’m not even saying, if that makes sense. I could have said “I’m going to shoot myself in the throat” and she’d still be talking about doctors. She’s not always like this, just sometimes. I don’t know if she was just having a hangover or something, because she does drink, but I don’t really know that much about how hangovers affect people. I’m only fifteen. And when she gets like this, I get so frustrated that I feel like I could hurt her, I feel like I could just attack her until she snaps out of it. I don’t know what’s wrong with her. Is this normal behavior? Am I taking this too seriously, or do all moms act like this?

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  • Dementia? Alzheimer's?

  • No not all moms. It can get frustrating when people act like that.

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