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So, at school brakes I hangout with this group of... friends, I guess? and it's quite easy to talk to them, but there's this one girl who I just can't look in the eye. I don't have a reason for it, but I just feel awfully intimidated by her. I once happened to see her in town, and she asked if I wanted to walk with her and her friend, and I said yes when I actually wanted to say no, because I just knew it would be awkward. Because I already agreed I went with them, and couldn't say " I'm gonna go home now, bye" because every time I tried, I would choke up like something was stuck down my throat, and I would tear up and shake, so I stayed quiet, following behind them like a creep puppy. Most of this is probably because of the fact I don't exactly socialise except for school, but when I went out with another person I was fine. I guess I just get extremely nervous around certain people for no reason. Anyone know what might be the cause? I'd really appreciate the help.

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  • Maybe she reminds you of somebody

  • Maybe you like her? I only choked once when a guy I liked was too close to me and asked me questions.

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