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yall I haven't confessed for a long time... I was born into a Christian family but I never got to really build tht close relationship with God... I was a bad teen and I just wanna confess to you guys so tht I can get it off my heart... I would go on porn sights and watch sexuak videos, I would masterbate, I even tried to make my own cigarettes I would lie every other sentence tht came out of my mouth, and now I watched a Christian movie the "war room" and tht made me wanna change I wanna have my heart be cleaned out from all tht junk all tht filth tht has been stuck for many years... please pray for me and may God forgive me thnx for hearing me out

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  • More than praying I would suggest you pay attention in English class

  • You are not alone. I have found myself drifting away from my creator and my life is very difficult because of it.

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