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That one kid in my class from therapeutic day school (continuation for high school) smelled really horrible. We were all in that school from missing too much classes due to mental illness/disability. Nobody told him that he smell bad but everyone will tell each other. I just so figured out why he did because when ur depressed, or have anxiety it's hard to move to the next thing. I know it sounds random or dumb that I figured out 2 years later just by thinking back to that memory but it's true. I didn't get over my anxiety/depression, I learned how to hold it down. I'm telling this story is that i understand not just my mental illness, but others too. maybe this can spark ppl on here with mental illness/ know others that do, that mental illness is a real suffer there's no meds or anything that can help u but only u urself can find the key to holding it down cuz it'll never go away.

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  • So he did it on purpose to smell bad?

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