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My son is struggling in school, amd this white lady gave me lip, when I tried to walk him to class. It's frustrating because I don't know of it was because I was black, or because she was just a bitch, in general. I get frustrated almost to tears everytime I feel like I didn't stand up to racism. Fuck these racist white people that are a part of the temptation to make my life hell. They won't win. This shit is exasperating. And really I'm just worried about my son.

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  • she gave you lip? in front of the kids?? damm thats sick... and are u dating or what?

  • I'm in Texas. You can tell in a person's tone, a lot of times. But that other commenter made a good point, too. She could just be a bitch. It's frustrating because in Texas I can't tell because the whites here carry a certain venom within their attitude. Being from DC, it throws me off. You can tell when someone doesn't like vs. when they hate you. I feel a lot of hate, out here in Texas.

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