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I am not against gay people I even have gay friends, I still believe they are wrong but I do not hate them. tolerance does not equal acceptance. As a Christian I can tolerate but I will not accept. It makes me angry that Christians get bullied so much for having a different view. Christians are for peace and love. Like everyone else! It's Like we have no feelings and should get bullied. Not all of us are mean and ignorant jerks. I think those that are ignore the real reason Jesus died and that even he was loving, he is our example. So we believe in God and that He loves us all, like a good parent does. Why is that so bad?

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  • No matter what if you say they will call you a homophobe or a Christian demon if you don't become obsessed with supporting it and becoming it your self. There is no point in tolerating them they're assholes who'll never accept you not wanting to see it.

  • I agree with you entirely and it's like no gay person understands it. You can do what you want in your like but that doesn't mean everyone HAS to accept it.

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