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Maybe you think that teenagers are lazy for hating school, maybe you think it's just the early mornings. Maybe you scoff and say "Wait till you get to the real world". Well, let me tell you we're terrified of the real world, terrified of failure. A B leaves me Googling "Why am I so stupid?" and my friends are on beta blockers for exams and sleeping pills for the run up. I know the "real world" is worse but I wonder if I'll ever stop feeling so trapped by every tiny failure.

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  • I know how hard it is to study, been there. But reality sucks, at least you know what to study, what to prepare for. In working life, as for me in the hospital, everything is a surprise, it is worser and way stressful than when I was studying. At least when I was studying, I can even chill for 10 mins, and now I even can't eat, drink or pee. School is not easy, having good grades is not easy, when I was studying I want to graduate immediately to get out of it. When I started working, I wanted to go back again and study, lol.

  • First of all, fuck your B. C is average, B is above average, and A is flipping amazing, alright? My college professor told me that. Secondly, taking drugs to have good grades is ridiculous. School is not that important. Really, it's not. Getting a bad grade or two doesn't make you stupid. It makes you human. Taking drugs to excel in something not very important, THAT'S stupid. The only thing school is important for is getting food scholarships to pay for college. If you're not going to college, you just have to do well enough to graduate. Even in college, you only have to get your degree. All you have to do is pass. You don't have to get 100% on everything. You can't. You aren't good at everything. Nobody is.

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