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Can somebody please explain this whole "gender-studies-pc-feminism-gender-assumtion"- nonsense to me? I just don't get it...guess people don't have other problems anymore.

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  • It's all just children acting like retard to get attention. There are no non-binary genderfluid individuals older than 24. Because people eventually have to grow-up

  • basically it's just people being salty (frustrated) at the fact that some people are presumptuous. the current generation we're living in is that of acceptance of other people's choices and who they see themselves. feminism as an idea started off well and I have nothing against what it stands for but the majority of the feminists are absolutely ignorant about what it stands for and just uses it as an excuse to be cunts and boost their superiority complex. it's sad when I look at such a wonderful idea of equality and peace stray so horribly far from their original goal.

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