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I'm texting with a guy and we seem to both like each other bc we've many things in common and kinda share the same humour.. Now, I wanna meet him again, but I don't wanna ask bc I want him to do that.. How could I give him hints to ask me🤔

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  • God I hate girls like you. 'I like him but I want him to ask me before I lose interest' Bah! Then you don't really like him that much. Either ask him yourself or stay single. I'm sick of everyone thinking girls should just wait around for someone to claim them. I asked my boyfriend out and we're both perfectly happy! There's nothing wrong with the girl asking. It's selfish to expect guys to just know you like them and ask you out.

  • geez.... assuming that you're a girl, just ask him for crying out loud! Don't just go around and expect people to know what the heck you want!

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