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I wanna die and i've learnt to accept the fact that i might never get better... it's just so sad to think that i'm only 13 and there's a big chance i might have to go on meds. depression eats me up and tbh i have no interest in trying to get better anymore, i've tried so many times before. Selfharming is not good and i've heard it gets much worse then but it helps me go trough my days... I miss the happy me or at least the one who didn't have as much problems as now. and i'm tires of the "What about your family and such" bullshit! I'm tired of it

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  • trust me im a psychologist and ive had so many 13 year old girls come to me and they tell me the exact same thing you wrote but as they grow older they say thank god they are still alive and didnt take their own lives beacouse all the things that you think matters when you are 13 will not matter after a few years and all these problems will seem so stupid when you are older. you are capable of changing your own life if you want to maybe not now or soon but you could what ever you want

  • Being 13 sucks period. I would avoid the meds if you can. They caused side effects that made me More depressed. My grades slipped, and I got fat and bald. Just do the best you can one day at a time. Get the best grades you can and don't make stupid mistakes concerning drugs and sex. High School is the WORST years of your life. Just ignore the idiots and find a plan for your future. I am so glad I didn't kill myself at your age when I wanted to. Real life is so much better.

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