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I'm really paranoid about getting HIV from my ex when we were together. I don't even know how many times he cheated on me or lied to me. well i've had my blood tested a lot in the hospital when i had sepsis but i don't think that looking for HIV is a standard procedure. i guess i'll have to ask for a test, which is extremely embarassing since i'm not even 18 yet and already stressing about this. imagine the first and only person i trusted with my body and heart immediately ruining my life with a virus that causes a deadly disease. the stress is building up as i'm writing this.

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  • with medicine it has become a chronic disease not deadly like diabetes, any country affiliated to the WHO has the obligation to give free threatment to hiv patients, just get tested and if you have it be strong, is not the end, many people live hiding they are hiv+ because of the stigma and stereotypes but you could live healthy for decades, I am a person living with hiv for almost 11 years, and I didnt have any simptons to get suspicious it was I just got the decision to get checked, most who die now are people who get diagnosed too late.

  • Getting tested shouldn't make you embarrassed, it should make you feel responsible for getting tested. Your lovers aren't the only ones at risk. Anyone who touches your blood or other fluids could catch the disease if you aren't careful. It's better to be sure.

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