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This girl i asked out brought her friend with her without warning. I ain't got time for that shit. Im not gonna be a 3rd wheel on my own date

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  • Maybe she didn't feel quite safe around you, or maybe she didn't understand that it was supposed to be a romantic date. I've been on dates with my friends before, and I've brought my best friend on a date. We just all hang out and have fun together. It's not romantic.

  • Yeah that IS weird. Do the quick "am I a creep" checklist. 1. Did you badger her to get this date? (that is, did you make it hard for her to say no?) 2. Were you clear this was a date, you asked her out? 3. Did you pick a weird location (like your place, a hotel room or a cabin in the woods or any location that would make her feel unsafe if she wanted to bail). If the answer to all of these is "no" then that is plain rude on her part.

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