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Update 2: I saw my friend-crush today at class. We talked and it was all normal, afterwards we went to his place to eat and we ended making out. Idk man like are we friends with benefits now? Am I a slut for letting this happen? My friends are so judgmental about this shit and always say that girls shouldn't let a boy know they like him. But god he turns me on for no real reason. I just love how he tastes. My next goal is to do it while watching Crash (1996) and Austin Powers. (#imperialclimax)

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  • Wooo get it

  • Whenever I hear a boy call someone a slut I think it means "this girl has sex but not with me", when a girl calls another girl a slut it means "This girl is prettier than me". What you have with this dude is your business, not theirs... Your friends are being judgmental idiots.

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