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I miss everyone in my life. It feels like I live alone now. We don't hangout anymore. I want to ask, but I know you will reject. It seems you are busy or you already get new friends who are better than me. Maybe you are avoiding me. idk.

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  • I feel the same way however, I'm the one who's busy and keep having to reject invitations. it hurts me to keep rejecting so many of my friends. it's even more painful when I have to cancel a yearly tradition because of business. I do my best to make time but struggling with my university while having driving lessons as well as helping out at the family restaurant, I barely have time even for myself. I suggest you keep trying, try to ask for the days they're free before you make a plan or ask them to keep a certain day free. I'm sure your friends want to hang out with you but they just can't live such a spontaneous life anymore. if you guys really want to remain friends I'm sure you'll manage. if they don't well find yourself some true friends. I wish you the best of luck OP.

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