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I'm really really worried. I'm 14 and I'm about to turn 15 and I still dont think I've been aroused before. I'm not certain but people say that "you know when you're aroused". I have huge troubles telling the difference between finding someone hot and wanting to be someone (admiration). If I see a guy I want to make out with I dont feel anything "down there" I just get a slight flutter (I'm a girl). When I admire people I feel wuite excited because I kike to imagine what it would be like to live their lives- I'm not even too sure about my own sexuality yet despite the fact that I feel no sexual attraction for girls. Have I just not developed properly yet to feel these feelings? Or is there something wrong with me..?

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  • Your body is still maturing. Nothing wrong with you.

  • There is nothing wrong with you. You might be asexual, or you might not have met the right person yet, or your hormones haven't fully kicked in yet in that department. But you should at least explore a bit, your first sex partner should be you.

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