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i am a victim of abuse but um scared to tell the world my problem

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  • I'm a victim of all kinds of abuse and when i told my family about it they didn't help at all i wanted to go to the police but if i did I'm going to hurt his wife she's old and needs care i just don't want to give her a heart attack or something and she means alot to me. he went to jail once but was too rich to get out. but my case is different if you can can tell the police about that it would be great & You'll feel safer. never hold it in it'll cause you so many problems that's something i regret doing i developed anger problems, severe depression, suicidal attempts and alot of phobias so please just don't hold it in let it all out i promise it'll help.

  • Unless your abuser can get to your phone or your computer, it should be safe to post here. And what the other guy said: it is not your fault. We are here for you if you want to talk about it.

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