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i'm so confused on what i should do. there's a party at a local club on saturday and most people i know are going, including my crush. the more extroverted friends i have even told me to come too. i've never been to a club and honestly places like cubs scare me as someone who has quite the social anxiety and can't dance if my life depended on it. i want to go because i want to see my crush and because i'd like to have the experience but i'm scared that i'll hate it and ruin it for everyone. or worse, i'll wind up being seperated from everyone. what do you think i should do? face my fear?

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  • Practice dancing

  • I have social anxiety, can't dance, and I find clubs okay. The best thing about it is that you don't have to talk much since it's too loud to have good conversations. I don't get in panic if there are a lot of people, I even like crowded places because then noone's looking at me - perfect. If you are the type of person who gets panic from being really close to a lot of people/crowds, then it can be more difficult. But however, I advice you to go, to make the experience, but have a back up plan if it gets to much. By back up plan I mean a plan to go home whenever you don't want to bear it anymore. If you're still at the age where your parents tell you when to be home, tell your friends beforehand that you have to be home very early, or if not then say you have to get up early the next day (maybe for a family brunch or an appointment somewhere). So if you leave early, you have an excuse, and if you have fun and decide to stay you can pretend to say "fuck it, it's so good here I am okay with being in trouble with my parents/being tired tomorrow"

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