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I left my sleeping son in the car while shopping. Came back to an angry, old bitch roaring at me because he was crying. When she finally left I put a decent dint in her new car. I hate old people that feel the need to tell young parents how to raise their kid.

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  • lemme be frank with you, I hate it when someone else tells me what to do. so I get where you're coming from but a little bit of constructive criticism, leaving a child in a car without anyone watching over him is not the best parenting, I'm sure you understand that. Though she might have had a point the old lady should've been more tactful like taking a picture of your number plate and your child inside, and send it to social services but I digress. I'm sure she was just concerned for the child with your questionable parenting skills and that she couldn't control her anger but she was nice about it in a way, she could've royally screwed you over but she didn't. Maybe think over what you've done and reflect upon yourself. All the best with raising your son.

  • kys that kid would be better with someone else.

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