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I've had so many good resolutions. Doing more sport. Studying more. Eating healthier. I never made it. Not once did I manage to keep my morals high for even a week. Now, my eating disorder is beginning to literally kill me. I HAVE to make it this time. But I am terrified that I won't.

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  • don't use the new year as your motivator for a resolution. find a reason to accomplish your resolution, write it down, write about what you're gonna do once u accomplish it. spend 5 minutes everyday imagining what your life would be like once you have achieved your resolution. it's not gonna be easy, it's gonna suck and you're gonna hate it but if it was easy everyone would do it and it wouldn't be a challenge. I have faith you can do it if you truly want to, good luck sweet child.

  • Didn't keep your morals high? Do tell!

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