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I met a guy 4 months ago .He loved me, he really cared about me and we used to talk for hours . Everything was perfect till I decided to mess it up . I'm bipolar and I didn't tell him so he wouldn't be freaked out .I don't know how to explain it...I really loved him but there were times when I pushed him away and didn't even text him back .One day I called him to break up with him and he kept saying " No, I won't let you go , we're so happy together.. why would you do that ?". I feel awful for breaking his heart .

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  • You are the reason people believe bipolar women are fucking crazy, I hope you feel proud of yourself you did a good job proving them right.

  • I'm sorry but you're being stupid. You can't just not tell people about something as important as a mental illness, especially if you might spend your life with them. I didn't want to tell my boyfriend that I'm bisexual, but that's an important part of my identity that he needs to know about, so I told him before we even started dating even though I was afraid it was scare him off since he's a little homophobic. Despite that, he still loves me. We're going out and going strong. Honesty will keep you together, not break you apart. He sounds like he really loves you. Don't push him away just because you don't want to be honest.

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