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I don't drink alcohol because a) I hate the taste and b) I don't like being drunk or dizzy. But oh boy, have you ever tried not drinking alcohol when you're with people? First, they think you're kidding. Then, they ask a ton of questions about why you are not drinking and try to convince you to do drink. They never stop trying. I have actually told people that I'm muslim or pregnant or an recovering alcoholic so they would stop pressuring me. And adults say that peer pressure is just a teenager thing.

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  • YES! you are not alone.

  • I feel the same way. on new years my boyfriends brother decided he would figure out what alcohol I like... with him being drunk I didn't really get much say in the matter... I tried everything he gave me and it was all disgusting. we settled on the tiniest amount of vodka with a lot more coke in than would normally be given as a mix and it was in a shot glass... after that happened I went happily back to my Glitter Berry J2O... but I didn't really mind all that much. the worst is when my dad was trying to pressure me into drinking wine with everyone else (family meet up thing) since everyone else was drinking wine, I stuck with my lemonade and after a few years my dad has finally given up (I'm 20 now and he started all this up when I was 17)

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