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I'm sterile. My fiancee doesn't know, and she always gushes about how excited she is that we're going to have a family some day. I just smile and agree because I don't know how to tell her.

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  • My fiance and I have a similar problem.. We know one of us is probably infertile because we haven't been using any protection for over two years and I haven't gotten pregnant yet. We decided that when we go to get tested to see who it is we will just want to know that one of us is but not who unless there is a guarantee that it can be fixed. You should tell her though, she deserves to know and if you don't and she finds out later she can divorce you and take everything you have because you lied..

  • You gotta tell her, bro. It's better to let her grieve about it now and work out other means of being a parent, than to tell her after trying and break her heart. I personally, would want to know. I'd flip my respective shit if I got all excited about being a mummy, and was told after a few tries that my partner was sterile. Kinda like building up someone's hopes, then smashing them down.

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