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It's sad how the world can change you without realizing it. I've been a happy,positive guy for a long time,but as time passed by all my life experiences were just negative. Everything pushed on me so hard,I broke. Now I am just a loud,annoying,lonely idiot who is full of hatred. I know it sounds edgy and stuff,but I can't say anything more after I stopped enjoying pretty much anything I like,and people I care for left me behind. This is the only thing left for me, writing down nonsense like this.

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  • You need to make friends with other broken people

  • Do sports bro, that's kind of the secret. your body is the vehicle which you experience life with, the sharper, more agile and more useful your vehicle is the more enjoyable life gets. it attracts people, it's a weird thing but you will feel it if you become really good at something.

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