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I am 22 Year old Male, with a stable job ( i am a paramedic), i got my a Level Exam, and i get along well with most people. when i was 16 i Had My First Kiss, what was ment To be a good memory is actually my worst, and after that i never trusted anyone enough To let Them Close. when i was Twenty i started trusting someone Juste a little Bit, and she betrayed me. and now i started falling for this Girl, and i dont know Why, bit i know i can trust her and she trusts Me. but i am still a Virgin, because of my trustissues, and now that i trust someone ( i dont know if it will happen) i am truely afraid of sex, Not that it will Hurt, just that i will be a total disappointment. Everytime a conversation comes near this topic i get afraid, it feels like everyone should be able to see me starting to swett. all i ever wanted was to love and get loved, and i like the person i am in Liste cases, but when i look at the facts there is nothing i can present beside my strange Charakter.

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  • You sound very sweet. I'm sure if she loves you she will be very understanding and help you to be more comfortable!

  • I find it hard to believe you're capable of being a paramedic when you're hardly capable of forming a structured sentence without a million spelling errors

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