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I heard on my bus that people were saying a girl was "cutting for attention" they said she would openly show her wrist and say I cut my wrists. or she would say her cat scratched her. It pisses me off, have they considered she would say her cat scratched her to people she doesn't want to know the truth? I told her because I thought she deserved to know idk if what I did was right

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  • I knew a girl who really cut for attention. She also said that it were accidents sometimes, but it was obvious, and the way she said it made it obvious, that it weren't. It's good to not judge too quickly, but that doesn't only mean to always assume the best about people, but also the worst. I am just saying that because I think it's important to remind people that sometimes, things ARE what they seem like. But I think it's good that you told her, because maybe she has no clue how others think of her and it can help her to know.

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