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Did everything for him. He made me trust him. Asked me how i was when i was worried. I spilt my entire past to him.. About all the sexual abuse i went through. I handed all of my opportunities and always wished the best for him. He knows i get worried and panicked. Yet i text him on monday because somebody touched me innapropriately and i panicked. It bought all the memories flooding back. And all he managed to reply was "whats up" Im so done with him. Why act like you give a fuck and encourage me to speak when you clearly dont wanna listen? Grow up ffs When he loves someone and she breaks him the very same way.. Maybe he will realize... And i will STILL be stupidly standing there waiting for him

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  • Lack of common sense on your part

  • oh wow a crazy bitch chasing a man away. where have I heard that before

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