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My daughter recently got in touch with me after a decade of lost contact. She is 13 now, and she is more beautiful than I could have dreamed she would be. A short time after reaching out to me she told me about one of her friends who went through a similar situation. I guess this girl - "H" - was 11 when she got in touch with her father, and it didn't take long for them to develop a sexual relationship. I do not know the man, but the logical assumption is that "H" initiated the sexual aspect for whatever reason. I mean, he wouldn't have initiated sexual dialog with his young daughter even if his sole objective in life was to spend time inside her tiny body, right? The situation appears to have worked for them, but I believe their relationship is an exceedingly rare example that should not be considered as a viable option. The problem I'm having is that my daughter believes we can have the same type of relationship. I'm in a bind because although I'm scared of being firm with her and possibly chasing her away, I'm not okay with staying silent and just letting things ride as they are. Sometimes she messages me, telling me how badly she wants me to fuck her throat or bend her over and take her from behind, and it kills me because deep down I want to do those things to her just as badly as she professes to want me to do them. I won't act on any of it, but the idea really turns me on

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  • Your child needs professional help and you need to stay THE FUCK away for her. You don't deserve to call yourself a father.

  • OP here. Look, I'm not going to do anything with her, nor am I interested in doing so. But the fantasy is sure as fuck real. I acknowledge that it's warped, but so is fantasizing about being raped. Lots of people have that fantasy, but it's just accepted as something kinky to think about but never try. Do I like having fantasies about my daughter? Fuck no. But I don't have to like them; they're there regardless.

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