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My sisters went to college and they became hardcore communists and feminists, they are white so obviously they have grown to hate themselves too, hate themselves A LOT. They hate me too because i do not buy their dumb ideology, it's bad to the point that we don't talk anymore at all, and when we do they can't contain their blind hatred for my straight-white-maleness, so they talk as if they were really bad actors. I make no secret that i believe in hard work, being self made etc. So now that i have begun viciously working towards my goals they are angrier than ever before, they hate to see me doing well in life when they are doing so badly, they desperately want to see me fail because me becoming successful would prove their ideology wrong, and they can't stand it. Every step i take towards my goals,every goal i conquer, the more unbearable the situation becomes in my house, the heavier the negative energy gets. I finnaly understood that i need to run from this place, not just because i want to, but because this negative energy does affect my pursuit of success tremendously, no matter how much i try to believe otherwise. i made this confession because it is finnaly decided, i am 21 yrs old and i need to leave my house and pay rent, otherwise i will be a loser just like my sisters, which is a incredibly scary thought

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  • My political science teacher sounds like a clit supporter. Classes are full of international fuckers who go against trump as well. Thank god Trump got elected.

  • I realize colleges hire Commie teachers a lot, but wtf? How can anyone be so gullible? I'm glad you are smarter.

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