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Too much pressure. So many things I don't understand. Most of the tasks given to me I don't know how to do them and who to contact to get answers from. I was really excited for this job but now it makes me really depressed. I can't sleep well knowing that I will be back again tomorrow struggle to get all those loads of emails done which most of them I have no idea what to do with them. I'm doing my best to understand but still not good enough. What have I gotten myself into. I can't quit I need a job and I've been unemployed for months. I don't want to go back again looking for a job and spend months going from Interview to another and keep getting rejected. I'm lucky I got this job but I don't think I can handle the pressure nor the tasks I don't know how to do... I'm at my peak of depression right now. Struggle24601

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  • just keep going, one day you will master it, so hang on for a while, you can buy book self study and make friend, so you can see them how it work. You can do it, have faith on yourself, good luck.

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