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I'm going to gradute soon from university but even after 4 years of learning I still don't like my major. I don't care tho somehow I can still do well on it but I don't want to work based on my major. It's just my mom really love to complain to everyone, to other family, to her friends about how I dislike my major and act as if it's all my fault cause I can't decide on my major. well yes I graduate high school early, just 2 years. and I don't really have a dream beside making comic and to keep on drawing. But my parents somehow really hate art, they didn't let me go to art major. And then I ask if I can go to architecture major instead cause I love art and I love math. But somehow my parents still hate the idea they want me to get to the most popular major in my country, industrial technic or machinery. While I prefer jobs which use feellings rather than logic I got dizzy by the idea. I still did the test but half assed and I didn't got accepted which actually got me happy. And then they told me to go to accounting major. I don't really study much for this one either but somehow I passed and that's what I've been learning for the past 4 years. I don't complain to anyone about how my parents won't let me go to the major I want and learn to just look at the future. so I wish my parents would stop to make it seems like all my fault too.

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  • Choose the major that gets you 💵💵💵. There are a LOT of people with a degree is psychology earning dick money because 'doing what makes you feel good' doesn't make nearly as much money as 'do what needs to get done'. The truck driver that gets a DWI makes twice as much as his court mandated substance abuse counselor

  • Brother, you already know what you want and ur one step closer. It's just you're not following it. Yes, your parents gave you a blessing to start in this world but after being a legal adult it's all on you. When you were a kid you listen to your parents because they know better but when you're all grown finding yourself and what you want in your life is nobody's ability to answer for you, only you yourself can answer that.

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