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Black women need to get over their insecurities and stop blaming light skinned women and white women for their problems. Im tired of black women hating on everyone because they don't love themselves enough. Light skinned women and white women can't help that they were born that way just like you can't. It's not our fault, we didn't have any control over what color or race we were born just like you didn't. It's not our fault if you don't see your beauty, it's not our fault if people think we're beautiful or if society sees white or light as more attractive. We don't control society, we don't control individual people's preferences. You don't need to put other women down to make yourself feel better. I just read an article and some of the comments about why this dark skinned black woman hates light skinned women and her reason was because they're beautiful and because they have "light skin privilege" whatever that is. Black is beautiful and being white or having lighter skin doesn't automatically make you beautiful. There are men who like dark skin and there are men that like lighter skin. Why blame other women for a mans preference? Your issue should be with that man not the woman. Both of my parents are mixed. My dad is Mexican and white and my mom is black and white but my dad is still darker than my mom. I have green eyes like my mom but lighter skin than both of them. I can't control that. This is how I was born. I don't hate mexicans because im not full mexican and don't speak spanish and I don't hate white people because im not full white and I don't hate black people because im not full black. I would never hate anyone for their race, ethnicity, color w/e. Worry bout yourself not everyone else.

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  • oh no aint you didnt! hell no! I aint envy of any cracker bitches

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