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I am asked sometimes, because of the dangerous connotations of working class struggle, Why I would be willing to die for it. And I thought about it a lot, why would I be willing to die for this, why does that seem like such an obvious and easy choice? I wish the answer was something romantic like "I feel so deeply for the people of the world I just want to free them" or something of that nature. I do feel the injustices of the people of the world but that is not the reason. The reason is, I have gone through most of my life thinking this world was basically meaningless, bleak, with nothing to take pride in except maybe my personal achievements which would always pale in comparison to the productive masses. This of course lead me to believe I was at odds with the concept of authority or the state, and lived with the mindset of someone who could not take pride in his humanity or his people. But When it got down to it, and I finally learned the history, read about the USSR and 20th century communism, and what it has achieved, and what it allowed people to be. I was filled with a sense of belonging, a sense of right, and for the first time in my life I was proud to be a human, and I am certain I would rather die before I squander a real opportunity to take that dream.

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  • Well, the UDSSR had the wrong concept, really. While I agree that communism is a good form of state, it needs to be done in a way that allows flexibility. Planning everything for years in advance doesn't work. Weather conditions change. There are problems with harvests sometimes, and loyality to the state shouldn't be what gets rewarded. I think that loyality to a state has to be earned by the government caring for it's people properly. Also, the concept of the UDSSR didn't allow any personal freedom, or freedom of thought. I don't get why the people here hate on "commies", it's a valid concept to build a society on. The previous attempts failed rather badly, though, because the leaders couldn't resist taking the most for themselves and abusing the systems to keep the most for themselves while their people suffered from poverty and hunger.

  • Commies need to be tossed from Helicopters. My family has had enough deaths from Communism.

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