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i found out that my so calld bf who is my x now broke n my house while we were broke up but came bac and thats when i found out and dat he was fuckn around so i bustd his 50in flat packd his shit n dropd it off n parking lot dat bitch still dont no cause he trund his hone off......lol

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  • That's why I never trund my hone off

  • It may be because English is only my second language, but honestly, I didn't understand a thing you wrote. Your boyfriend broke into your house when you were separated, but he came back to have sex in your house and you did something to stuff that was his and took it to a parking lot? What doese "trund his hone off" mean? Why does he break into your house to have sex with someone else? What is going on here? I don't get anything. A hone is this thing you sharpen knifes on, right? What does a huge stone have to do with all this? Why not take the time to write an "e" before that x? I mean, ex is a two letter word. What about all that ns that seemingly mean several words at once? Am I interpreting this wrong? Is he trundling his hone? Why is he trundling his hone? Is that a thing modern people even do anymore?

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