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Im always amazed when someone super skinny gets fat. A girl i went to school with was probably barely over 100 lbs and i seen her this morning at the store and barely recognized her. When i say this im not trying to be mean but she looks like 3 of herself. I don't know if something happen to her or what but it's just crazy how much people changed in 2 years. I've seen people from my school that were nerdy that look good now or that had baby faces but have beards and mustaches now. There's even this one guy who lost a lot of weight. 2 of them even got kids now. A lot has changed in 2 years. I've changed a bit too myself. What's the biggest changed you've noticed from someone you went to school with and how long has it been?

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  • I have two of such amazing transformations to tell. Both kids went to my class and were bullied. The first, a girl, was bullied for being ugly, but also for being just really weird (the kind that somehow bullies themselves and leaves noone a chance to get along with them). But as I said, also for being ugly. She left the school in 6th grade. She is a model now and takes amazing pictures, travels, and looks so balanced and happy (at least on social media). That really blew me away. The other story is about a kid who also went to the same class as me. He was weird, almost retarded (maybe slightly autistic, I don't know). Like, he used to walk weirdly, be easily jumped and then scream, talk about weird stuff... you just knew he'd never get a job or a partner. But he has both now and is almost completely normal, I'd even go as far and say he IS normal now.

  • Happened to my wife in 3 years. Went from 98 lbs to 150 lbs. Due to birth control pills. Took years to work back down to 130.

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