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My relationship is quite fresh and I am not a hundred percent sure yet about whether she's the right one for me. The thing is, I recently got back in touch with my ex, who I loved a lot a few years ago. We had to break up for several reasons, but those reasons are not relevant anymore. I have feelings for her again and am thinking about ending my relationship. But I don't even know if my ex would take me back, and I don't want to end my relationship just for an opportunity - maybe my current girlfriend is the "one", who knows? I am so lost and don't know if it's immoral to go on like now (having feelings for my ex while being with my current gf) or if I should end it and might end up with noone.

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  • I'm in a similar situation, but I know my ex wants me back. I love them both but some of the issues I broke up with my ex over are still there :/

  • If you're thinking about ending your relationship for an opportunity then you should end it now and not waste that poor girls' time.

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