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sometimes, I feel sad or even in extreme cases i cry when I read a moment in a story where the guy calls the girl pretty. Or the guy kisses the girl. Or a really cute moment happens. Or the guy asks the girl out. Because I want that to happen to me, im not very pretty. I dont want people calling me pretty for pity, I want them tot mean it.

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  • I don't know u, I can't tell u how good looking u r. So let's assume u r an average person, I'm one, I hv no problems with this matters. So apart to crying for nothing, what else r u doing for improve ur self? R u smart? Do u hv a sexy body? speak 3 languages? what I want mean is, if u r not happy with something (body, face, mind) do something to change it instead to cry and suffer every time u see what u want to achieve. This is a honesty and true advice from a stranger that doesn't know u.

  • You're probably way prettier than you realize. And frankly, it's sexy as hell when a girl doesn't know how truly beautiful she is.

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