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Whenever I talk to my mom about my dreams or my future she's like :" oh, well go to sleep " . I don't know how to explain it but sometimes she does everything so I don't achieve great things. She doesn't believe in me and she won't let me move out . I told her that I wanted to have my own apartment not far from college and she said: " yeah WE'LL move out maybe next year " . I feel trapped, I want to live on my own .She's a great mother but I need space and I want to tell her without hurting her feelings .Whenever I talk about moving to another country she keeps on telling me that She's done everything for us and how other kids aren't lucky to have her as a mom.

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  • I had a friend with a mom like that. You just have to push her away slowly. She can't help you move out. You have to just... move out. Don't tell her where you live, just that you're moving close to campus. Only tell her where once you can trust her to not pack up and join you.

  • She sounds like a bitch, all offence meant for her, but seriously. Did she just have you to play with you like a doll?

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