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There is a girl,we live really far from eachother. I got to know her over the internet,spent a lot of time together,and fell in love with her. We had a lot of fun times and nightlong talks together,I was always happy coming home and getting a message from her asking how was my day. I was there for her for the whole last year,but she started distancing herself,in the instant someone showed up. Even when I managed to visit her,she was distanced and cold. She bashed me for loving her,and wanting a future with her. She bashed for me wanting a relationship. Now,in this new year,she is together with a guy she said,she'd never date. And suddenly I became the bad guy. A year ago,she gave me the happiest moments of my life,just by spending time together online,and now I am struggling every day when I see her pop up anywhere,I am unable to accept how she changed,and by that I am changing too,in a bad way. I can agree I was a naive,inexperienced person,but at least I could love and trust 100%. Now,I am just terrified and hateful towards everything. And it doesn't heal,it gets worse as time goes. I know the whole story is stupid,but she was my motivation,and gave meaning to my life,even from afar,I wanted to get there,to prove I'd do anything for her. And now,I'm just another grey person,moving with the flow,without goals,feeling worthless. Thank you for reading.

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  • Stop being a Pussy ! So many women out there ready to date a sorry sap like yourself

  • That's the problem with long distance relationships and relationships that take place over the internet and on the phone. Some people grow apart and some people cant handle the transfer from online to real life. Sounds like she's one of those people

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