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When you're friends with a lot of guys, you get extreme trust issues. I have heard them talking about their girlfriends, saying things like "that bitch and her bullshit" when she was mad at something that was - for me obviously - his fault. How they have WhatsApp groups (of 100 guys) in which they share nudes they received from girls or even ex girlfriends. How they talk about wanting to break up for months without actually doing it, because "well, sex, haha" and then, when they do it, don't even tell the poor girl the real reason but intentionally start a fight so SHE is the one to break up (so they don't have to talk about feelings). How they tell their friends about the "hoe I'm banging right now, worst sex ever but hole is hole" - I know the girl, she's really insecure and let him take her virginity, because she thinks she's special for him. And it isn't only the studs and fuckboys. It's the nice ones, too, and I'll never be able to go on a date again without imagining how he will tell his friends about me, the "bitch I'll totally bang".

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  • Get the fuck over yourself, women are much to blame here then men, women do the same fucking thing, is it right NO, do all men and women do it NO, if your fucking about with men or women like that then WHO ARE YOU, if you hang with the wrong people then sure your judgement will be based on them. Grow a back bone shut the fuck up and get out there and live and stop even caring what others say about someone else to another friend or on a app you shouldn't even be looking at. You are you deal with that person, you fuck, date, or hide from whom ever you want but you make that thing yours not shared with the world, the human race like any other animes was desinged to fuck, feelings came after, yes is bad design but it happens the ones that can control it are out there find them. This is not a confession the its just a bitch, your just been like them, well done.

  • You just have have bad friends.

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