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You hear all these coming out stories and it's people being like "oh I knew in elementary school, but I denied it." "I crushed on girls as early as kindergarten." All these stories of people saying they knew from such young ages. And here I am like "I had no idea until I was 18." I just always thought I wasn't interested in relationships. Being with a girl never even crossed my mind. Maybe my stuffy, tiny, conservative town is to blame for that. But over the course of about a year and a half-two years, I've come out to myself, my friends, and my family. I know who I am. I know who I love. But I hate listening to friends and others just gush about how they always knew, that they just ignored it. And I worry that when it comes my turn to tell my whole story, I'll catch flack because I didn't know when I was younger. But I can't help that. it was never really even an option I thought I could have back then.

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  • I personally didn't even think about it until late middle school, almost high school (I was 13/14) when, for some reason, I had these intrusive thoughts about wanting to kiss my best friend. I did deny it, though, being raised to believe that 'gay is wrong'. But once I got to college, I had developed a crush on another female friend, and I realized that I had always found females kind of attractive, and in fact just as attractive as males. So I accepted my bisexuality at age 19. I came out to my closest friends, but nobody else knows. I'm scared to tell my family, especially if I don't even end up with a girl since they think being bi is a phase that troubled people or whores go through.

  • haaaa gayyyyy

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